4.5 inch Beaver Bait - Green Pumpkin (5 pieces)

4.5 inch Beaver Bait - Green Pumpkin (5 pieces)

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Punch through thick cover with this Beaver on a Texas Rig! Skip into hard to reach spots with ease.

All the features you crave:

  • X-TRA strength fish attractant: Fish will be all over it!
  • Super-durable polymer for repeat use: You'll probably get tired of fishing before these tire out!
  • Special Green Pumpkin: An amazing color special to Backwoods. Developed by our very own Jackson Thomas. 

We've focused on smell, shape, and size! Ready to attract the largest bass, walleye, muskie, and more!

Handmade in the backwoods of Alabama! Made in America!

Always small-batched and handcrafted.

Get yours today!